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CRM Audit Services
This vertical provides services to large corporate organizations having a large and geographically distributed retail network. Under CRM audit services we audit the customer interface, frontend and backend services of companies’ own or franchisee outlets spread over wide geographies. The objective of such audit is to measure the gap between the company’s intended systems and policies for the retail outlets as against customer experience at these outlets and bring in continuous improvements.
The final objective of such an audit exercise would be to improve the frontend service experience for a customer
The services under this vertical include:
Structured periodic audit visits to all outlets in the network
Establishing parameters in consultation with the company to measure outlet performance
Thorough and specific report by staff visiting to audit outlet.
SWOT Analysis
Competitors outlet audits
Trend charts
Sharing of best practices across the outlets
Improvement/ deterioration in service levels
Overall evaluation and performance ratings
We provide a detailed and actionable report giving the company a clear idea of the customer experience at the outlets across the geographies. Some of the attributes that we audit are Employee Knowledge for the products and processes, Branding, Display, Presentation, Housekeeping and Ambience, Documentation and Manpower adequacy.
• Oil & Gas
• Chemicals
• Fertilizers &